Protect Your Brand on Amazon with Ecom Assistance

  • Brand Registry Support for Sellers with Registered Trademarks
  • Protect your brand from unauthorized sellers and counterfeit goods
  • Save time and effort when filing infringement complaints in the future
  • Experienced team to help you register your brand on Amazon the right way
  • Service charges: Rs.1000 + GST = Rs.1180/-

Protect Your Brand with Ecom Assistance’s Trademark and Copyright Infringement Support Services”

  • Are you dealing with unauthorized mappers and counterfeit products on Amazon?
  • Are you losing sales and rankings due to negative reviews from inferior quality products?
  • Are your infringement complaints not getting approved by Amazon?

Don’t let these issues hurt your brand and business. Trust Ecom Assistance to handle your trademark and copyright infringement issues. Our dedicated team will file claims with all the necessary details to ensure swift action by Amazon.

  • Protect your buy box and organic keyword rankings
  • Avoid negative reviews and loss of sales conversion
  • Ensure your valid complaints are approved by Amazon

Invest in your brand’s protection for only Rs.2000/- with Ecom Assistance.

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