Brand Registry Support for Sellers with Registered Trademark


Brand Registry is a great program introduced by amazon to provide the runway to the trademark owners to promote and protect their brands.


Adding the right details at the time of brand registry with amazon can save lots of effort and time when filing infringement complaints in the future. If the selections are wrong, it may affect your infringement claims in future.


At Ecom Assistance, our experienced team can help you get your brand registered on amazon the way it should be, so in future, you do not have to face issues at the time of filing infringement claims if you get unauthorized/counterfeit goods sellers on your listings.

Service charges for Brand Registry

Rs.1000 + GST = Rs.1180/-

Brand Protection Support Services for Trademark and Copyright Infringement Issues

Issues seller face due to unauthorized mapping and why the seller should act on removing mapper immediately

  • Loss of buy box (Leads to zero impressions from sponsor adv campaigns)
  • Loss of organic keywords rankings gained by hard work and vintage of the listing
  • Loss of product rating as buyer receiving inferior quality will put a negative review on the product
  • Loss of sales conversion due to other buyers reading recent negative reviews on your listing
  • Loss of sales and sales rank


We have seen many sellers complaining and inquiring on amazon related social media groups about

  • How to remove unauthorized mappers
  • How to stop counterfeit/fake item of our brand from being sold on amazon
  • How to file claim infringement claim on amazon
  • Why amazon not supporting us even after doing a brand registry with amazon
  • Why my infringement complaints are not getting approved
  • The seller is using my product images to sell his listings


Well, Amazon is a marketplace, and they need to comply with the rules and regulations of the particular country they operate in

Any seller with valid documents can sell their products, and online marketplaces cannot deny it.

When the seller files a claim without including the right details and the right set of documents, amazon will obviously not approve the request. Sellers need to present their case the right way so the amazon dispute resolution team can understand and take action.


At Ecom Assistance, our dedicated team takes care of the process and files claims, including all the details needed by amazon to take action in the right direction.

Service Charges For Infringement Complaint Handling

Rs. 2000 + GST = Rs.2360/-


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