How to Increase Your Online Sales

  1. Improve visibility / Impressions
  2. Improve engagement / number of clicks
  3. Improve conversion / click to orders rate
  4. Increase your velocity limits

How good reviews help you increase your sales volume

Most sellers understand the importance of reviews but pay less attention to product reviews.

  • Improves sales conversion (Click to Buy Ratio)

Research conducted by Dimensional Research claims that 90% of consumers online believe product reviews influence their purchasing choices.

  • Improves product ranking (Improved Visibility)

Improving the visibility of your listings can definitely help increase sales.

There is a correlation between Amazon reviews and an item’s visibility. Amazon is so serious about product reviews. Its search engine gives priority to the listings that have better reviews. That’s why you see all organic search results on page 1 have higher reviews.


A sample of our Review e-mail :

How positive feedbacks help increase your sales volume

  • It helps to increase your buy box winning %

amazon buy box winning guidelines says: “We measure customer service in several different ways, and you can check your Account Health to see how you’re doing.”

If your Order Defect Rate (your feedback rating is a part of ODR) is good, it may help you win buy box more frequently.

  • Improves sales conversion (Click to Buy %)

Buyers nowadays have enough experience of online shopping. They like to buy from sellers with good feedback ratings. They do not want troubles. The good news is such buyers are increasing day by day.

  • Helps increase your velocity limits.

Many sellers have complained about amazon controlling their sales. If they get a certain number or order during the morning, their visibility and order volume drops.

There is a reason behind it. Amazon is a service-oriented company. If you cannot handle 100 orders well, they won’t give you 150 orders to process and make a mess. whenever your sales increase, their internal system checks your performance, your order limit is set based on your performance. Yes, that’s true. (search “velocity limits” on your seller account search box)

It says, “When you approach or exceed your current velocity limit, we evaluate your account and may increase the velocity limit. You do not need to contact Amazon to have your velocity limit increased. Increases are granted or denied as part of our proactive evaluation process.”


A sample of our Feedback e-mail :

Why you should respond to positive reviews/feedback

Positive reviews/feedback show you who your cheerleaders are. They are the promoters of your business – the people who rave about your brand / your company and want to tell their friends & followers about it.

Once you receive new positive feedback, phrase your responses to hype up your cheerleaders even more and encourage them to be your own special army of free marketers.

The customers who are passionate about your company are the customers who will keep coming back and using your products time and time again.

A sample response to Positive Feedback :

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