Questions our client sellers have frequently asked after amazon account suspension & the answers provided by our POA experts

Q1I have received a mail stating, “Your Amazon selling privileges have been removed” will they reinstate my account?

Well, the answer is YES. Do not panic. They earn from your sales and also spend a lot to add new sellers and train them. They can’t afford to lose you.

Q2 – Why did they suspend my seller account / put my account in review and funds on hold then?

Amazon wants buyers to get a high-quality buying experience. To provide that, they have designed a certain process and set minimum quality standards. They want you to follow it to grow your business.

Consider suspension or account review as a temporary hold that gives you a chance to identify the issue causing a negative buying experience, address the issue and make sure the same is not repeated.

Q3Why am I getting the same reply in the email stating “Your plan does not sufficiently address the complaints we received” or “We still need more information about your plan to address all complaints” or “we have decided that you may not sell on Amazon“?

There’s a reason behind it,

  • We have noticed most of the sellers write casual replies or forward POA shared by his/her seller friends but fail to deliver a clear message that you understand the reason which caused this issue. You have made necessary changes and taken necessary actions for the prevention of similar issues in future.
  • We have also noticed some service providers using ready-made POAs, thinking that it worked for one seller so that it will work for other sellers too.

Q4 – My seller friend account got reinstated with the same POA for the same issue. Why is it not working for me?

Well, sellers have different business patterns and face different issues in the process. The seller performance team can easily verify and validate the data you have provided and your commitments. They are smart enough to understand the difference between copy-pasted POA and an actual Plan of action and reply with a ready-made template to give you a hint several times for making your POA right before they give up on you and permanently suspend the account.

Q5 – What kind of plan should we send to get our account reinstated in one shot?

Convince them that you are serious about your online business, do a thorough check of your account and try to understand what went wrong, find out the best way to resolve it, make necessary changes in the system to prevent the repetition and convey the crisp and clear message to amazon in the format they have provided on seller panel.

Q6 – My account got suspended due to Negative Feedback/Inauthentic Item/Brand infringement cases. Can my account get reinstated? 

Well, our team has successfully reinstated seller accounts suspended due reasons below.

  • Higher-Order Defect Rate
  • Higher Late Dispatch Rate
  • Higher-Order Cancellation Rate
  • Higher Late Response Rate
  • Inauthentic Goods Complains
  • Used Item Sold As New
  • Review Manipulation
  • Brand Infringement Cases
  • Related Accounts
  • Section 3 Violations

If you have sold genuine goods, we are here to support you.


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Why Most of Our POAs are Accepted at First Attempt

  • 1. Our amazon trained POA experts review your seller account thoroughly

  • 2. Discuss with you, understand your business pattern and make you aware about the amazon policies regarding the issue

  • 3. Guide you on what immediate changes you should make and what practices you should adopt to keep your account’s health at its best

  • 4. Write and submit an acceptable Plan of Action on behalf of you in amazon format

  • 5. And make sure your account gets reinstated at earliest


Consulting & Account review


Drafting an acceptable POA

 59.99 USD / Rs.2999/-

Reply the queries raised by seller performance team (If needed)


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